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Triumph is ongoing

by Ian Daniher

You guys wowed us. Unbelievably so. We hit our goal at 6:12PM on Monday. Our kickstarter went live at 5:02PM on Thursday. In those 97.16 hours, we were featured on Adafruit, HackADay, Dangerous Prototypes, and all over the twitterverse. You guys made it possible. We didn't submit the CEE to Adafruit or HackADay. You did. As a result, we have 51 awesome supporters(you!), and the resources to make our first production run.

The game's not over though. Six thousand was the minimum we needed to be able to make our first run of boards, but it doesn't give us the scale we need to make the CEE as affordable as it can be. It's not enough to let Kevin and I go full time. I can't quit my day job.

Further preorders and donations will give us greater scale. Every bit [still] helps. If we get to a currently uncalculated goal(working on the spreadsheet!), I will be going full time on Nonolith in September. This will mean better support, faster shipping, and faster revisions. This will mean more non-monolithic products to fuel creativity and hacking.

We can do this.

Let's do this.



by Ian Daniher and Kevin Mehall


We had a cutesy Bon Jovi themed post prepared(half-way there), but you all didn't give us a chance to post it. We went from 1/2 funded to well over 2/3 funded in a morning, due in part to an awesome post by hackaday, and a few reddit threads.

We're excited. We're working. We're thankful. Stay tuned.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Ian & Kevin


Announcing CEE and Pixelpulse

by Ian Daniher & Kevin Mehall

Hello from Nonolith Labs! Today, we're ready to share our first two projects with you.

The CEE (control · experiment · explore) is our USB analog multitool, letting learners and makers interact with the analog world in real-time. It measures voltage, current, and resistance as it sources voltages and currents under computer control — letting you experiment with motors, sensors, circuits, control loops, and anything else. You can preorder a CEE on Kickstarter, starting at $100.

We're also releasing Pixelpulse, a browser-based tool for visualizing and controling signals with Arduino, BusPirate, and soon, the CEE. You can try a live demo if you're using Chrome or Firefox, and read our tutorial to set up and use Pixelpulse with Arduino and BusPirate, or write your own driver in Python.

To keep up to date with these and other projects, please follow us on twitter (@nonolith) or subscribe to the RSS feed.