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Visualize and control in real-time

Pixelpulse makes it easy to experiment using cee.

Simple yet powerful user interface to control and explore whatever's connected.

Pixelpulse exposes the functionality of the CEE for interactive use. It's a web app, so it runs identically on Windows, Linux, and Mac, harnessing the latest in HTML5 technologies to create a fluid experience.

If you have a CEE, launch Pixelpulse »

Pixelpulse screenshot

Quickly experiment

Just click to source voltage or current, and watch what happens.

Generate Signals

Choose a function — , adjust parameters, and make waves.

Zoom & Explore

Pause, double click to zoom in, then drag to pan.

Plot Sidebar

Add configurable graphs for curve tracing, phase plotting, or comparing channels. Visualize component characteristics and hysteresis live.

Resistor (Ohm's Law)
Incandescent bulb
Pixelpulse phase plot


Capture repeating signals with triggering, like an oscilloscope. Automatically adjust to syncronize with generated output signals. Pan, zoom, and change trigger level & source, all with the mouse.

Pixelpulse screenshot (triggering)