nonolith labs


Announcing CEE and Pixelpulse

Hello from Nonolith Labs! Today, we're ready to share our first two projects with you.

The CEE (control · experiment · explore) is our USB analog multitool, letting learners and makers interact with the analog world in real-time. It measures voltage, current, and resistance as it sources voltages and currents under computer control — letting you experiment with motors, sensors, circuits, control loops, and anything else. You can preorder a CEE on Kickstarter, starting at $100.

We're also releasing Pixelpulse, a browser-based tool for visualizing and controling signals with Arduino, BusPirate, and soon, the CEE. You can try a live demo if you're using Chrome or Firefox, and read our tutorial to set up and use Pixelpulse with Arduino and BusPirate, or write your own driver in Python.

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