nonolith labs


Triumph is ongoing

You guys wowed us. Unbelievably so. We hit our goal at 6:12PM on Monday. Our kickstarter went live at 5:02PM on Thursday. In those 97.16 hours, we were featured on Adafruit, HackADay, Dangerous Prototypes, and all over the twitterverse. You guys made it possible. We didn't submit the CEE to Adafruit or HackADay. You did. As a result, we have 51 awesome supporters(you!), and the resources to make our first production run.

The game's not over though. Six thousand was the minimum we needed to be able to make our first run of boards, but it doesn't give us the scale we need to make the CEE as affordable as it can be. It's not enough to let Kevin and I go full time. I can't quit my day job.

Further preorders and donations will give us greater scale. Every bit [still] helps. If we get to a currently uncalculated goal(working on the spreadsheet!), I will be going full time on Nonolith in September. This will mean better support, faster shipping, and faster revisions. This will mean more non-monolithic products to fuel creativity and hacking.

We can do this.

Let's do this.