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Beyond CEE's Limits

We just finished up a few pieces of documentation to help you get the most out of your CEE.

Resistor stacking and Pixelpulse screenshot

As mentioned in our Kickstarter campaign, CEE can support higher current ranges than the 200mA offered by default, at the cost of resolution and extra wires. This might be useful if you want to use CEE for control applications like driving a solenoid for a magnetic levitator, driving a peltier panel for PCR, or driving a beefy computer fan for use as a magnetic stir plate. We've added software support in Nonolith Connect 1.2, and the walkthrough is now available on our wiki.

We've had several inquiries asking about running Pixelpulse without an internet connection. While all our code is open source and this is very easy to do if you're comfortable in a command line, there's a super-easy shortcut, and there are now instructions on the wiki.