nonolith labs


v1.2 of Connect and Firmware

We're pleased to announce another set of improvements to CEE's software!

CEE's firmware has been refactored and optimized, doubling the maximum speed from 40,000 samples per second to 80,000! This makes CEE much better suited for time-domain explorations in the audio frequency range. These changes also greatly improve the stability and precision of the CEE's sample timing.

example of arbitrary waveform

Nonolith Connect has also seen significant improvements, with support added for both the higher speeds afforded by the latest firmware and advanced hardware modifications to support different current ranges. Additionally, support for arbitrary waveforms has been added, allowing you to specify a set of time-value pairs to be used as the output waveform.

pixelpulse screenshot

To get these improvements, first install Nonolith Connect 1.2, then update your CEE's firmware. It will only take a few minutes. You'll then see an 80k samples/s option in the Pixelpulse options window. Zoom in to enjoy the new resolution. If you run into any problems, let us know on the discussion group.