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Important Notes

  • For safety, don't connect the CEE's output header to anything with an external power supply. It is only specified for a 0-5V range and shares a ground with your computer.
  • Windows users: To avoid installation problems, do not plug in your CEE until the software tells you to do so.
  • There is a small nonlinearity in current measurement when the voltage is close to 2V. This is a hardware bug in the current sense amplifier chip, the MAX9919F. You may notice it if you use the gain amplifier, but it has minimal effect on most measurements.


There is documentation, including app notes and API docs on the wiki.

If you need help or have suggestions, join our mailing list on Google Groups.

We encourage tinkering and hacking. You can get all the source code on GitHub - if you're trying to figure out how something works and the source documentation doesn't make it clear, we're not doing our job. Please join our mailing list and ask.

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